is a company devoted to hardware and software development. is the developer behind the unique product No Console which enable remote boot, BIOS interaction, and maintenance of X86 PC based servers. Investors, potential business partners and customers will find contact information at the bottom of the page. also offers engineering services for hire in the area of ASIC and FPGA development as well as software development. Keywords include: Verilog, Synopsys Design Compiler, Xilinx ISE, Altera Quartus-II, PIC micro-controllers, ColdFire micro-controllers, Linux, C/C++, Common Lisp, AllegroServe based web servers, Tcl, PostScript, LaTeX, various UNIX tools, etc.

Earlier projects include porting of XFree86 device driver to Silicon Motion 501 graphics controller using PowerPC host, database for financial institution, serialization and copy protection for software distribution.

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Stordamveien 10

0671 Oslo


Org. nr. 983946410